F1InPubsCast Spa 2012: First Corner, You're outta here!

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A big first corner crash!

OK much more happened in this race than a first corner incident, there was some great overtaking, another side by side Eau Rouge moment (don't turn your back on the wall this time, DC!) and a great win for Jenson Button

But since it was the first ever F1InPubscast startline shunt, we took the opportunity to fully analise
the crash as it happened then give you an extended reaction to the replays as they were shown.

So, basically we shouted "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A lot then tried to blame any driver other than our personal favourites? Yes! Sounds like our crowd!"

All this is on top of the normal excellent pre and post race banter so feel treated to a special podcast for a special race.

Well done Jenson, now where have you been hiding since March?