F1InPubsCast Japan 2012: Mayhem on Track, Craziness in Pub

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Better late than never, which applies to both my arrival time at the Apres for the F1InPubs Japanese GP Pubcast and the actual release date of said Pubcast.

Being the hardcore Motorsport fan I am, I hadn't slept as I was up all night watching the Bathurst 1000 from Australia, meaning my performance this race was a little....frantic to say the least.
Also I was late due to the first bus of the day not appearing, but its all good fun at the end of the day!
But despite this being a shorter podcast than usual as a consequence, there is still a lot of F1 "meat" to this opinionated full English Breakfast.
(Or should that be Japanese Breakfast? Probably not!)

So, is Grosjen trying too hard at the starts? Has Hamilton given up? WIll Kobayashi still be in the sport next year, despite his performance?

As usual, www.f1inpubs.co.uk for more information on how YOU can get down to one of our events.

See you this weekend for Korea!