F1InPubsCast India 2012: Dull on Track, Exciting in Pub.

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India wasn't greatest race by a long shot but instead of trying to talk it up, the fans at the F1InPubscast decided to entertain themselves with jokes, banter, stories and lens flares.

Yes, that is a flashing....something in the picture, listen to the podcast to find out exactly what is going on!

Also listen for more discussion about Vettel putting on hand on the championship crown, this race's Italian F1 phrase of the week and the amount of coffees needed to get through a race like India.

Abu Dhabi in only 1 weeks time so get on over to www.f1inpubs.co.uk to find out how you can join in the fun at a location showing the race live near you.
Or tweet @f1inpubs for the main account or @f1inpubscast for the podcast.