F1InPubsCast Brazil 2012: End of Season Party Pt 1.

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In F1 circles the word epic is perhaps overused, but no F1 fan would be accused of overstatement if they used that word to describe the crazy Brazilian Grand Prix.

So what a perfect Grand Prix to bring you the best Pubcast yet from the F1inBrum venue at the Apres Bar that had a bit of everything from Codemasters turning up to give us a hands on trial of their latest F1 titles to crows of Vettel and Alonso fans nervous about their respective drivers chances in the tense championship decider as well as the head of F1inPubs himself Kris Brown handing out the hopefully first annual F1InPubs awards.

To cover all of this fully the podcast has been split up into two parts, with this part dealing with more a flavour of the event before the race itself including my very own laps of F12012 as I battled to get the fastest time of the day as well as a chat with Vicky about her experiences at the Circuit of the Americas for the US Grand Prix.
Kris also talks to us about how F1inPubs has grown over the year and what 2013 has in store for the meetings.

The standard fare of race predictions, analysis, opinions and all out pub banter will return in part 2, and that's one not to be missed either.

If you only listen to one Pubcast this year, make it this one.

Which is in two parts....hmmmm

If you only listen to two Pubcasts this year, make it these two.