F1InPubscast Interview: Adam Parr Former Williams CEO

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"F1 isn't really a big business"

"The fans have the power"

"Sir Frank thanked me when we won in Malaysia"

Relax! You haven't fallen asleep over Christmas and woken up in March!
You've missed nothing, this is an F1InPubscast Interview special.

Former Williams CEO Adam Parr took time out of his busy schedule to talk to the F1InPubscast, and since Kris the Boss did all the hard work it was only right he joined in on the interview too.

Adam's main reason for talking to us was to let F1 fans like us know about the Graphic Novel he is releasing about his time in F1, but he also found the time to talk about his departure from Williams, butting heads with Bernie Ecclestone and tried his hardest to incite an F1InPubs fan revolution.

You can find the book on his website, www.adamparr.net/ or you can follow him on Twitter
@adam_s_parr to ask him about it.

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