F1InPubscast 2013 Australia

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  • Artist: Paul Hadsley
  • Year: 2013

Returned, we have.

Before, there wasn't F1, then suddenly, there was F1.

Yes, we are indeed back!

The return of the Formula 1 also brings with it the return of the F1InPubs events around the country, and the return of those have the unfortunate side effect of bringing with it the return of the F1InPubscast. Sorry about that everyone, can't be helped, but we'll get through it together!

The first race always brings with it a special atmosphere taking place as it does in the early hours, dedicated fans give up precious hours of sleep to watch their favourite sport live and the result is a great atmosphere that makes for a great podcast.

Those with a keen ear might be able to detect a slight difference between the pre-race predictions and the actual race result.
But only if you listen very, very carefully.

Thanks to all involved in the podcast and the F1InPubs events that it is based at.

We'll return to the Apres Bar in Birmingham at 7:30am for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Please direct any feedback to @f1inpubscast for reading out on the podcast.
If you'd like to join in the fun, log on to www.f1inpubs.co.uk to find out where in your area is showing the race.