F1InPubscast 2013 Malaysia: Weatherless storm on track

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A race that will live on in infamy for quite a while; the Malaysian GP started wet, finished dry but had a Red Bull created storm that engulfed the whole sport after the finish of the race.

In F1InPubs' Birmingham location of the Apres Bar in Summer Row, we were dealing with a storm of our own: A Snowstorm.
This depleted our crowd slightly but there was still enough people around to give their forthright views on the Red Bull situation and the other stories of the race: definitely not one to miss!

As ever, you can join us at the next event in China in 3 weeks time (SO LONG...booo!)
To find out more details please log on to www.f1inpubs.co.uk
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For Pubcast questions, I'm @f1inpubscast

So, lots to talk about in the 3 week gap, the debate will never cease until lights out in China!