F1InPubscast 2013 China; An Inverse Sandwich

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  • Song Name: F1InPubscast China 2013: Inverse Sandwich
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  • Year: 2013

What's an Inverse Sandwich I hear you say?

Well, be patient and I'll tell you!

If a sandwich is 2 slices of boring bread with a "fun" filling, an inverse sandwich would be 2 instances of fun filling wrapped around a boring bit of bread in the middle.

Clever people will have already worked out the comparison between the Chinese GP and an inverse sandwich, it was a race that had a race's worth of excitement within the first 20 laps, then calmed down into a procession for the next 20 laps before Vettel changed his tyres and ensured a thrilling finish right to the chequered flag.

This obviously provoked a lot of disussion at Apres Bar, our location in Birmingham for F1InPubs and this very Pubscast.
Listen in to hear the full explanation of the Inverse Sandwich theory, reaction to poor Webber's awful luck (must be the new hair, Sampson) and Vettel's interesting strategy.

Next up: The Bahrain Grand Prix only 7 days (and a few hours!) after this race. We'll be at the Apres Bar for more F1InPubscast action.
Will YOU?