F1InPubscast 2013 Bahrain; The Big Debate.

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  • Song Name: Bahrain 2013: The Big Debate
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  • Year: 2013

If you don't look at first place, one of the best races ever!

The return of F1 action at a sensible time brought a large crowd to the Apres Bar in Birmingham to witness Sebastien Vettel storm away from the field and the rest of the field squabble amongst themselves for the accolade of best of the rest.

On the Pubcast, we see some new voices join the regulars as our personal F1 Family attenting the F1inPubs events just keeps on growing.,
Keep listening for the very opinionated debate between Korrie and Chris at the end about the state of current f1.
Full on racing vs tyre strategy, just WHICH is better?