F1InPubscast Spain 2013: Manish holds the fort.

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  • Song Name: F1InPubscast Spain 2013: Manish Holds the fort.
  • Artist: Paul Hadsley
  • Year: 2013

Bad news everyone, this episode has been released a bit late!

But Good news everyone, your usual host, Paul Hadsley, was taken a bit ill, the poor mite, during the recording of this podcast so previous co-host Manish Patel takes over presenting duties for this episode: The Spanish Grand Prix

And what a race it was? Well, it wasn't great, but that's the advantage of the F1InPubs concept; If the race doesn't deliver on track then suddenly you have a room full of fellow fans to cheer you up and keep spirits high and that comes across in this pubcast.

In 2 weeks time, the big one: Monaco. A race that is either a classic or a damp squib.
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