F1InPubscast 2013 Monaco; Magical Monaco Mayhem

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  • Song Name: Monaco 2013: Magical Monaco Mayhem
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  • Year: 2013

F1's most prestigious race didn't disappoint in 2013.

As ever this podcast features a crowd of people watching the F1 races at the Apres Bar in the centre of Birmingham, and this race they were treated to a thoroughly entertaining race at the jewel of the crown of the F1 calender.

The race was full of drama and excitement, slightly too much drama as far as the pubcast was concerned as the red flag delay meant the large crowd of people around the pub quickly dissipated as soon as the chequred flag flew.
Perhaps F1 had taken up too much of their afternoon already.

No matter, those that stayed to talk were in high spirits, you can even listen out for a few bloopers in this episode, there might be mistakes but the show must go on, once the record button is pressed, whatever happens in the pub stays on the podcast!

Congratulations to Nico Rosberg for a great Victory and as a final note all at F1InPubs wish a speedy recovery to the legend that is Murray Walker after his recent hospital treatement.

See you in 2 weeks time for another race that doesn't disappoint: the Canadian Grand Prix.
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