F1InPubscast Silverstone 13, Van Der Garde Interview

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  • Song Name: Kris Brown interviews Van Der Garde of Caterham
  • Artist: F1InPubscast
  • Year: 2011-12-01T15:18

It's the British Grand Prix time, and the F1InPubscast would be stupid not to take advantage of the F1 world being on our doorstep!

So, to this end we sent head honcho of the F1inPubs operation himself, Kris Brown, down to Silverstone to see who he could grab for a chat.
And you know anything with the "F1InPubs" branding isn't going to be your usual F1 PR-speak-fest!
How much IS the price of Milk, Geido?

Keep listening for more over the Weekend, or if you aren't lucky enough to be heading to Silverstone, why not search for other groups of like minded fans in YOUR city by looking for our events on our website: www.f1inpubs.co.uk

Keep an eye out on our twitter feeds for more information as they happen too: @f1inpubs and @f1inpubscast