F1InPubscast Silverstone 2013, a Tyring Race

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  • Song Name: A Tyring Race
  • Artist: F1InPubsCast
  • Year: 2013

F1 Fans in a pub watching the 2013 British GP....you know what the subject of discussion is going to be!

Tyres were certainly the big talking point once again this week but an eclectic array of guests had an eclectic array of topics to discuss too, so it's not all tyre talk.
Listen out too for rising passions resulting in the F1InPubscast's first ever bleep over someone swearing. Tsk Tsk.

1 week's time we hit the Nurburgring to do it all again, and hopefully the tyre picture will be a lot clearer by then.
Log on to www.f1inpubs.co.uk to find out where you can join in the fun of the podcast or just find a pub in your area that is showing the race.