Belgium 2013; Dis-Spa-Pointing?

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  • Song Name: Belgium 2013: Dis-Spa-pointing?
  • Artist: F1InPubsCast
  • Year: 2013

Remember this? This whole F1 Pubcasting malarky?
Been a while hasn't it?

As for the race: Dis-spa-pointing or Belg-yawn? Franc-bore-hamps?
I'll stop that now, but it was indeed a shame that after such a long gap, F1 returned to put on a Belgian GP that didn't live up to our expectations.

But no matter, as the F1InPubs mantra goes, the duller the race the more time we have to mess around in the pub and that is reflected in this race's Pubscast as Paul Hadsley talks to the regulars and the newbies and tries to cheer them up after a disappointing race.

As ever you can join in the fun of the Pubscast by going to and finding out which pub in your area is showing the race, or indeed tweeting with the hashtag #f1inpubs during the race.
Any other comments on what you hear, tweet @f1inpubscast

Next race: Monza. Onwards and upwards!

*Update* Apparently the intro disappeared somewhere....oh well, I'm sure you won't be crying over it.
If anyone feels short changed by their lack of Intro I'm willing to release it separately for adding on to the start yourself, potentially fussy people! :-p