One Movie, One Pubcast; Interview With The Producers Of One

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  • Year: 2013

Hi, welcome to a special bonus F1InPubscast.
My name is Paul Hadsley and I'll be occupying your left ear for this podcast!

I, along with Kris Brown, head honcho of F1Inpubs, have brought along some special guests (and they will be occupying your right ear!) to talk about an F1 Film they have been producing.
It's called "One" and it details the changes in the sport from the 60s era up to the modern day, focusing specifically on safety and how that has developed over the years.

It's a lot more exciting than I make it sound here, I promise, if you don't believe me, view the trailer for it and see how many amazing interviews they have managed to pull off:…S21suy5NiEP_SCj4Z

So, to that end, Kris and I talked to the producers Michael Shevloff and Paul Crowderville about their film and what you can expect from it, while also throwing in questions about the state of current F1 and a few F1InPubs classics.


p.s. this is their facebook for those interested: