Abu Dhabi 2013; Go Nuts For Donuts

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  • Song Name: Abu Dhaubi 2013: Go Nuts for Donuts
  • Artist: F1InPubsCast
  • Year: 2013

The best you can say about the Abu-Dhabi GP 2013 was that it was an above-average race, action wise.

The worst that you could say about the 2013 Abu-Dhabi Pubscast is that it was entertaining if nothing else!

Paul Hadsley and his new understudy "Jamie Oliver" Jamie Davies captured all the opinions and banter of a great crowd of F1 fans down at the Apres Bar in Birmingham, listen to all the fun down the pub here!

2 weeks time we head into the final pair of races with the American GP.
If you want to watch it down the pub in YOUR area, head to www.f1inpubs.co.uk to find out what pub closest to you is showing the race.