Autosport International Special: Steve Rider Chats To F1inPubscast About F1 And His Career

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  • Song Name: Steve Rider chats about classic and modern F1 and his career
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  • Year: 2014

An F1Inpubscast? In JANUARY?
We're at the Autosport International show this weekend (it's at the NEC in Birmingham, COME!) and we are fortunate enough to catch up with some F1 and Motorsport luminaries over the course of the event.

Our first chat is in conjunction with The Bridge Radio and features broadcasting legend Steve Rider, who gives his thoughts on his own personal career and the state of F1 and BTCC through the ages, including his thoughts on modern F1.

Keep an ear out for more podcasts over the weekend and if you're around the NEC by all means come and join us milling around and especially at our event on Saturday evening, more info at