Australia 2014; His And ERS

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  • Song Name: Australia 2014: His and ERS
  • Artist: F1InPubscast
  • Year: 2014

2014 begins, 40+ F1 fans in a pub at 6am to opine and react to the first Grand Prix of the season, what could go wrong?

After the most fascinating off-season in living memory, the new rules threw up many questions about the competitive order of the F1 field, questions that perhaps the first GP didn't answer fully.

But that doesn't matter for our F1InPubs attendees, who once again packed into Birmingham's Apres Bar to enjoy the race with each other, all those people heading to a pub at 6am to get their latest fix eh?
Thank goodness coffee seemed to be the strongest substance they were buzzing on!

The regulars are dotted around amid fans old and new, and if the first event of 2014 is to go by, both F1 itself and the F1InPubs events are off to a great start.

And since I mangled all the details in the actual podcast, thanks to Downforce Radio for taking us under their wing for 2014! Worth a look. And a listen.

So one race in the books, you should by now already be heading to to work out how to join in the fun for round 2: Malaysia .
(Keep an ear out for our new voice over guy too, not quite Sir Patrick Stewart on the BBCF1 coverage but, well, he's cheap ;) )