F1inPubscast Silverstone '12

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  • Song Name: F1inPubscast Silvertone 12
  • Artist: Paul Hadsley
  • Year: 2012

With most of the F1inpubs contingent down at Silverstone it was left for a skeleton crew to man the Podcast, which all things considered ended up being a pretty good turnout!

Listen for Rachel, the substitute Manish desperately try to prove her worth as "New Manish" as well as present scathing opinion on the overtaking talents of regular discussion point Mr Pastor Maldonaldo

Also, I find myself amid the ladies at one point and the famous "hello girls" line returns, which leaves us with the ultimate question: Is Romain Grosjen sexy?
(Answers on a tweet please!)

All this and more opinion on the British GP as it happened and its immediate aftermath.

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