The F1 Pubscast; Bahrain 2014; Flipping Nora!

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  • Song Name: Bahrain 2014; Flipping Nora!
  • Artist: F1InPubsCast
  • Year: 2014

A race for the ages, what a spectacle and what an atmosphere to enjoy down the pub!

One of the most combative and exciting Grand Prix in many a year ( Bahrain? What are the chances?) leads to a pumped up room full of fans eager to share in the joy of a barnstorming Bahrain beauty!

Luckily the fans are more than willing to take the lead with the banter and questioning as your host Paul Hadsley's brain is reduced to jelly after those buckets of adrenaline flooded through his system.

2 weeks now until China.
Admit it, you're already logging on to to find out where you can watch it live with your fellow fan aren't you?