Formula Pubscast Spain 2014; End Game

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  • Song Name: Spanish GP 2014; End Game
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  • Year: 2014

The Pubscast officially becomes Formula Pubscast, because: reasons.

However, the content is pretty much unchanged, so don't worry about the packaging, we still have a hugely opinionated and entertaining group of fans gathered to watch the Spanish Grand Prix, organised by Motorsportinpubs.

And the finish in spain was a little bit like Bahrain, a slow start built up into a thrilling climax, a little bit like a massage.
Wait, I didn't say that.

Listen out for some new guests, host Paul's ONE joke repeated 5 times to different attendees and Spanish Manish.
Also a lot was said on the performances of Lewis and Nico, Vettel's climb through the field, the TV director deciding to cut to Rosberg's girlfriend at a crucial moment and of course a few laughs at Pastor Maldonaldo's expense. Well, he brings it on himself!

If you'd like to join in the fun, head to to find out where you can watch a Grand Prix of various kinds, 2 and 4 wheels along with other races on down your local.

Tweet us at @formulapubscast if you have anything to ask or comment on. PLEAAAAASE!!!
Ha ha ha.
Seriously though, do give us a tweet.

See you in 2 weeks time for Monaco!