Monaco 14: Mercedes Family Duals.

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The Jewel in F1's crown, or when it comes to team Mercedes, the Dual in F1's crown.
It's Monaco time!

The first part of a special 2-part Formula Pubscast sees the biggest crowd of the season so far descend on the MotorsportInPubs event to banter, opine and even introduce some #f1smut to proceedings.

Before the race, there was only ONE question to ask. Afterwards, there were many.
Did Nico Fake it in qualifying?
Did Lewis in the race?
Does anyone begrudge Marussia their points?
Will anyone be able to slow Korrie's fast talking down?
And will Paul be able to remember the new name of his own event and Podcast any time soon?

All these questions, and a lot more you probably haven't thought of, will be answered in this edition of the Formula Pubscast.

Part 2 featuring a selection of F1 fans viewing the Indy 500 for the first time will be up next.

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Also give www.downforce-radio a listen, they're good.
If you like anything in this world of motorsport, it'll probably be there.
Anything else? No? OK! See you for Canada!