2014 Indy 500 Special

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  • Song Name: Indy500 Special
  • Artist: Formula Pubscast

Bonus Formula Pubcast fun taking place in the immediate aftermath of the Monaco GP during the build up to the Indianapolis 500.

F1 fans constantly wonder how americans view their most European of sports, well how would a pub-full of F1 fans view that most American of races: The Indy 500

Sadly due to trains leaving and general late night travel issues, the full reactions could not be documented at the end of the race, but dedicated Indy500 fans and new fans alike were there to give the biggest race in America (quiet, NASCAR fans, it still is ;) ) a viewing.

Opinions are varied, knowledge is not important, we're all part of a greater motorsport world than Mr Ecclestone would have us believe so lets enjoy this extra slice of F-pbs-ca fun in preparation for the next proper episode for the Canadian GP