Canada 2014; Danny-Vic

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  • Song Name: Canada 14; Danny-Vic
  • Artist: Formula Pubscast
  • Year: 2014

Sometimes...things don't quite go as expected do they?

A thrilling Canadian Grand Prix was met with hysteria and bafflement down the MotorsportInPubs location in Birmingham, listen for the most surprised fans opinions you're going to hear in a very long time!

Because sometimes the real world intrudes on the pubscast, this particular episode has a different flavour.
As your host and question-asker had a train to catch, he started the pubscast slightly earlier than usual during the final laps of the race.
This led to all the late race developments being caught live as he pretended he could commentate and still make sense of the wild action before him and the rest of the pubscast crowd.
Lets listen in to find out how that went down!

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Lets hope the next race in Austria can be as eventful as the Canadian GP. See you there!

P.S The train WAS made with about 2 mins to spare. Thought you'd all want to know ;)