Austria 2014; Limited Track Action

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  • Year: 2014-05-11T18:20

Warning: The views and opinions expressed in this Pubscast may be WRONG.
They represent one internet idiot with a podcasting device and not F1 fans as a whole.
Yes, I've been told.

After a qualifying order that promised so much, the Austrian GP ended up fizzling out quite early on leaving the fans down the Motorsport In Pubs event trying to make the best of it.
OR were they actually enjoying it secretly, but didn't want to say?

Featuring: the best F1 joke you'll hear all Podcast. And then another one.
Also a bit of chat on the proposals for the ridiculous new rules coming into the sport next season.
And no football. Woooooh.

As ever, you can find your local motorsport in pubs location so you too can debate how exciting or not F1 races are with your fellow fans.
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Silverstone Next: That's always good, right?