Singapore 2014; Singapore Swing

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  • Song Name: Singapore Swing
  • Artist: Formula Pubscast

What a great, action packed, drama flag lap!

The 2014 Singapore GP could not be considered a classic, but it was crucially important for the world title race.

Birmingham's Apres Bar was filled with excited Formula One fans at the Motorsport In Pubs event ready to react to the troubles suffered by Nico Rosberg and whatever else happened in Marina Bay. Whatever they were.

Also listen out for a special mid-race break during the safety Car period.
One off or a regular feature for, well F1 rarely puts out the Safety Car, so probably just a one off.

Next up. Japan. Probably no Pubcast for that, sorry.

You can still attend that race in the morning hours by heading to and finding out what venue is showing the race close to you.

As far as the world championship goes: game on!