F1InPubscast David Croft Interview (Part 1)

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  • Year: 2012

A special episode of the F1InPubscast ahead of the upcoming weekend in Spa as our reporter Manish Patel was lucky enough to be granted an interview with Sky Sports commentator David Croft

As our modus operandi is good quality F1 Discussion in pubs, Crofty invited Manish to his local pub "The Bell" to discuss the F1 season so far, BBC Vs Sky and also his thoughts on the F1InPubs events as an idea.

This is Part 1 of their lengthy chat, commentators aren't known for their ability to sum things up in one or two sentences, and quite right too because this is a conversation you won't want to end!

Part 2 will be released tomorrow ahead of the Grand Prix in Spa.
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