Formula Pubscast Spain 2015; It happened

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A race won by Nico Rosberg. A race badly started by Lewis
Hamilton. A race that took place on someone's birthday.
A race badly predicted by someone called Tim

These are the things that happened during the 2015 Spanish GP
No-one can deny that some things actually happened during the race. Or that there was a race.
There was definitely a race. This is the pubcast for the race that happened.

Also Grosjean went around the outside of Kvyat. That was a good bit. Yeah.

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And come to a motorsport in pubs location for the Monaco GP! THATS A GOOD ONE ISN'T IT! to find out where near you is showing F1 or indeed even Moto Gp if you like all that 2 wheeled malarky.

See you for Monaco!