Formula Pubscast; Canada 2015: Shorter than Mclaren's Race

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  • Song Name: Canda 2015: Shorter than Mclaren's race
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The Canadian Grand Prix, a great event and a great time of day to watch a race for European viewers.

HOWEVER not that great for a podcast based in a Motorsport In Pubs event where people are literally putting coats on and making their way towards the door as the chequered flag falls.

So we may be setting a world record for the shortest Pub based reacting to a Formula 1 race podcast ever, but we still have time to NOT talk about the fallout from Monaco, worry if my bag is missing (UPDATE: Bag was found post-Podcast) and not reference some man on a bike doing something for an hour that was happening at the same time.

Warning: Podcast contains one attempt at a joke.
We'll see how that goes to find out how you can join in the fun at a location near you

@formulapubscast to ask me how my bag is/congratulate me on my one joke.