Formula Pubscast; Belgium 2015; This is Spa-Tyre!

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  • Song Name: This Is Spa-Tyre!
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This isn't any other race track that causes controversial punctures....This is Spa-tyre!

Before the race the new start system was the talk of the pub, after it was all Vettel's rage on his last-gasp puncture that robbed him of a podium.

Listen to this one not just to hear who in Birmingham's Apres Bar has actually visited the Spa track, but also for more F1 fan pretending they're not an F1 fan type situation and how that throws me, your easily confused presenter.

And also I think....Lewis won. Yeah, that happened.

Frivolity aside, this podcast is dedicated to British Indycar driver Justin Wilson who lost his life at the Pocono raceway a few hours after this podcast was recorded.
He was a brilliant racing driver and continued being an enormous gentleman in death as he was in life by being an organ donor and saving 6 lives.
RIP Justin Wilson