Singapore 2015; Fools on track

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  • Song Name: Singapore 15; Fools on Traack
  • Artist: Formula Pubscast
  • Year: 2015

What a fool running across the course! A RAVING LUNATIC!

Good news fans of race predictions that are out of date! The pre-race intro makes its return for this Pubcast!

And what a race it was, Mercedes out of form, stupid random drunken fans wandering around the track, crashes coming out of the pits and a different winner to normal. Well, the other designated winner of 2015 anyway

Listen for all the fun of the pubcast personalities, except Lyden, who was there and went home at the chequered flag. boooo lynden, booooo.

No Pubcast for Japan due to the time difference so we'll HEAR you again for Russia or one of those random races that happens in 2 weeks...whatever!