F1InPubsCast Monza 2012: Trial by Fans

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  • Year: 2012

You know the drill by now, www.f1inpubs.co.uk kindly organises venues for F1 fans to gather and watch the races, you turn up to said venues and we, the Pubcast, document your reactions and opinions at said venues as the races happen.

This time featuring the Girl with the Button cardboard cutout. Yes! It's a visual prop for an audio medium, that's just what happens on this ker-azay podcast of fun! *cough*

In such a race that featured the latest episode of the Lewis Hamilton saga and also a contentious penalty decision after a familiar looking incident between Vettel and Alonso we're sure you probably want to hear people's opinions on these matters.
Well, luckily enough there's plenty of that in this Pubcast too, as well as reaction to the feelgood-factor of Sergio Perez's result.

Too much to read now, enough of this, get listening to the podcast and hit up www.f1inpubs.co.uk to find out the closest pub to YOU that is broadcasting the race.

See you for Singapore!