F1InPubsCast Monza 2012: Long Race, Old Man PART 1

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Long race, this one, leading to the longest Podcast so far to cram in all the talking points.
This means this Itunes download comes in 2 parts.
If you hate the faff of all that, you CAN hear it in one part on the F1InPubs website:

Talking points include:

All glory to Narain Karthikeyan and the Safety Car!

Despite a slow start to the race it built to a great climax with many incidents to discuss,
Are Schumachers reactions now too slow for the cut and thrust of F1?
Did Felipe Massa REALLY mean to overtake like that, however amazing it was?
How many personal pit stops can the viewers at Apres Bars fit into one race?

And don't you worry, THAT bit of the race that YOU want us to be talking about, well yes, THAT is in there too.

Next up: 6am start for the Japanese GP. Should be fun!
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